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My Heart Pictures

Hey guys!!! This is the official poster for My Heart!!!


Name: Isabella Marie Swan Parker
Nickname: Bella
Age: 18
Born: September 13, 1989
Eyes: Brown 
Type: Vampire
Mate: Dylan



Name: Dylan Colt Parker
Nickname: Dylan
Age: 19
Born: January 16, 1934
Eyes: Brown 
Type: Vampire
Mate: Bella



Name: Mitchell Arthur Parker
Nickname: Mitchy
Age: 19
Born: June 30, 1920
Eyes: Gray
Type: Vampire
Mate: Keanna



Name: Keanna Lina Parker
Nickname: Keanna
Age: 19
Born: October 9, 1987
Eyes: Green
Type: Vampire
Mate: Mitchy




Name: Andrew Jay Parker
Nickname: Andy
Age: 18
Born: May 12, 1891
Eyes: Brown 
Type: Vampire
Mate: Anna


Name: Annabelle Rae Parker
Nickname: Anna
Age: 17
Born: February 14, 1900
Eyes: Brown 
Type: Vampire
Mate: Andrew




Name: Nicholas Jon Parker
Nickname: Nick
Age: 19
Born: July 25, 1922
Eyes: Grayish Blue
Type: Vampire
Mate: Stephanie


Name: Stephanie May Parker
Nickname: Steph
Age: 18
Born: August 1, 1931
Eyes: Hazel
Type: Vampire
Mate: Nick


Watch out for Keep Holding On!!

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