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Getting to know me

How do I start?? Okay, I'm 14 years old and I absolutely love playing the guitar. I like being able to recreate music to make it sound like my own. I also love how guitars look like!! All the different shapes and colors. Team Jacob till the end!! No offense to vampire lovers, but seriously, who the hell sparkles in the sun?! I, like probably everyone else, loved Edward when I first read Twilight, but after New Moon i ended up hating him. What he did was practically heartless!! I'm both tomboy and girly. It depends on how I feel on the day. I like wearing dresses and skirts but I also love playing sports and I can sometimes really act like a boy. I am also very random. Sometimes I sing some weird melody that pops into my head just because I'm bored. Or I would start dancing for no reason. I know... I'm weird. Anyways, my favorite song changes almost everytime I hear another song that I like better than the old one. Right now it's Turn it Off by Paramore. My favorite bands/singers would have to be PARAMORE!!, My Chemical Romance, Avril Lavigne, and Taylor Swift. Did I say that Taylor Lautner is very hot?? Well, he definitely is. He is exactly how I painted Jacob Black to look like before any of the movies came out. I am the oldest and I have only one younger sister who's 7. I'm Aquarius because my birthday is in January. What else about me? ... OH!! My best buddy here on Fanfiction is The Volturi Rule9856!! She's also my number one author. My favorite colors are every color in the world, most especially green. I think that's it. Well hope I explained myself enough!! Hope you guys enjoy my stories :)

Disclaimer: I know I don't write disclaimers on my stories, but just to let you know I don't own any of the characters, except for the ones I make up myself.