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SNEAK PEAK: Keep Holding On

Hey guys :D

This is a little sneak peak/teaser to my current project. My upcoming story is going to be a Jacob/Bella pairing so keep updated! I am warning you guys now that this is going to be one hell of an angsty story so please don't complain.

It picks up right after Edward left Bella in New Moon. This time, I'm not going to let flaming reviews get in the way of how I want this story done. I'm in Love with a Rockstar got messed up because of them, and I'm not going to make that mistake again.

Here's an excerpt straight from Keep Holding On:

 SUMMARY: He had helped her move on. He had taught her to love again. He had been the one to fix her broken heart. But now, he is going to be the one to tear her apart.

I gulped. He can’t possibly know about the Cullens. He can’t. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I defended quickly.

“Cut the crap, Bella. I know that you know what they are. Stop trying to defend them! He left you. He’s not coming back. He doesn’t want you anymore,” he spat in my face.

I couldn’t breathe. Everything was catching up to me. I clutched at my chest and gasped for air. Wrapping my left arm around my stomach, I closed my eyes and tried to relieve myself of the anger I was feeling.

“I know that,” I whispered. “It sure doesn’t seem like you want me either, so why the hell would you care?” I yelled at him.

“Don’t. Do. That,” he growled out each word. Growled?

“Do what?” I snapped.

“Your arm. Don’t wrap it around your stomach like tha – “ he was cut off mid-sentence as his eyes zeroed in on my arm. He pried my left arm off of my stomach and stared furiously at it. “What the hell have you been doing to yourself?” he hissed. My eyes widened. I had forgotten to wear a jacket over my tanktop.

I felt ashamed. I tried to jerk my arm from his grasp but he kept it in place. The tears in my eyes finally escaped. “I cut myself every time I think about how I’m not wanted. It feels good to know that I can still feel pain, even in my numbest state. I hope you’re proud of yourself Jake. I do this because of you,” I whispered callously at him.

“Don’t tell me that,” he choked out. The fuck I won’t!

“But it’s true! You promised me you were going to wait for me. I told you I was almost there. Have you already gotten tired of waiting for me? I hurt myself in memory of you. I love you! Can’t you see that?” I shouted back.

 Hope you like it! Keep updated and watch out for this story :D